Jimmy Maler

Interior Design [ Place Making

What is "Place Making"?

In general terms "Place Making" it is the artistic & functional approach to design that aims to have all aspects of the space working together in harmony...In a retail example, the napkins to the flooring. Not just a singular focus or area.


We know that place matters. For centuries, artists and musicians have traveled to inspiring places to be inspired.  Why, then, does most of corporate America resemble a sensory deprivation chamber?  Space matters, and a fresh look at the physical spaces in your business or home can help you seize your potential.


It’s time to ask yourself – what in your world needs activation? If you provide a monthly service, how can you delight your customers just a bit more? Is your website cluttered and distracting or simple and inviting?  Both physical and digital places can use a healthy overhaul in most organizations.